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$ave Green


These days everyone is talking about saving energy. There are so many ways to save energy with the new swimming pool products that are on the market today. The benefit to you is MONEY SAVED!!! Call us today and we can discuss how you can start saving.

variable speed pool pump, energy saving pool pumps


The old school thinking that bigger is better certainly does not apply when it comes to pool pumps. Most pool "professionals" do not even know how to properly replace a pool pump. They just install what they think is right or install the same pump that was there. There is a right way to replace a swimming pool pump. With the price of variable speed pumps declining and rebates from electricity suppliers, you can start saving money when we install your new swimming pool pump.

swimming pool sand filter, swimming pool DE filter,


As for swimming pool filters the converse is true, bigger is better. There are a few reasons why you want to have a bigger filter. The most obvious is you will have to clean it less often because it takes longer to clog up. A clogged filter puts more restriction on the circulation system which in turn increases the electricity consumed and shortens the life of the motor. If you use a cartridge filter you will save water because you will not have to backwash. Saving water is not only eco-friendly it will save you money.

swimming pool heater, swimming pool heat pump, gas pool heater


There is no better way to get more enjoyment out of your pool than to have the water nice and comfortable. Having a swimming pool heater will not only accomplish this for you it will also extend the pool season. A new heat pump is the most cost effective way to heat your swimming pool and it may not cost as much as you think.

swimming pool automation, control pool with smart phone


An automation system gives you total control of your pool and spa equipment at your fingertips. Adjust the set temperature on the heater from your p.c. or with the app on your smart phone or tablet and the water is ready for you when you get home. You can turn just about any feature you have in your backyard on or off from inside the house or from the other side of the country. Built in timers control the operation of the pool, spa, lighting or just about any backyard feature you can think of.

Clorine, salt, swimming pool, saltwater pool,

Saltwater Pool

Everyone is asking about saltwater pools! Can I make my pool a saltwater pool? "I have a salt pool I do not have chlorine". First, yes most people can convert their pool to a salt pool. Second, you will still have chlorine in the water. Essentially you will be producing your own chlorine with the salt chlorine generating system that is added to your circulation system and the salt that is in the water. People say it feels better to swim in a saltwater pool. Call us today and we can talk about making your pool a saltwater pool.

swimming pool automatic cover, Rocky's solar cover reel


Whether you have a pool heater or not you can save money by having some kind of evaporation control. Controlling evaporation helps you save money on heating and chemicals. There are many ergonomic options on the market today. Even systems you will never have to touch. Call us today and we can give you ideas to start saving you money.

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